Beautiful, efficient windows, like these installed by Crooked River Building Supply, make a statement all their own, especially in black frames which are very popular. Photograph courtesy of Crooked River Building Supply

Many houses in Northeast Ohio are historic and need historically accurate windows, like these from Progressive Building Supply. Photograph courtesy of Progressive Building Supply

It’s easy to see what poor-quality windows do to a home but it may not be so easy to know why good windows are important. Windows do a lot more than provide a view. Proper windows add architectural interest to a home, let in light and warmth while protecting your interior from harmful rays, plus they provide security, and with the right hardware and features, will be easy to operate for many years.
Patrick McEntee, senior project manager with Crooked River Building Supply in Warrensville Heights said, “We try to exceed expectations. It’s very gratifying because you can have new windows in a day and it’s something you see and feel and it makes a difference in your quality of life.” Patrick went on to explain that new windows can make a cold room warmer by eliminating cold air leakage and, he added, “People always say it’s quieter,” referring to clients who live on a busy street and appreciate the ability of quality windows to deaden outside noise. “The argon gas between glass panes does help block the transmission of sound,” he said.
Patrick said Crooked River features Marvin window products. “Marvin is a good fit for larger, more expensive homes. And a lot of times we are doing replacements in century homes and Marvin windows are historically accurate. Cities have guidelines and there are organizations like the Cleveland Restoration Society that also offer guidelines. We are a member of the Cleveland Restoration Society. We are also a member of the American Institute of Architects. It’s a nice network of resources. Basically, we are advocating for homeowners.”
Mike Zembower, sales manager with Progressive Building Supply in Chagrin Falls, agreed that Marvin wood windows are the “Cadillac.” He said, “Marvin wood windows are the ultimate product. They have all the bells and whistles and their fit and finish is by far better than anyone else’s. Everyone wants the Cadillac but they might not have Cadillac budgets. It begins with a conversation. You gotta find out what their wants and needs are and their budget.” He added that lead times are also a deciding factor, since supply chains are still fighting to get back to pre-pandemic normalcy.
Mike added, “The next step down is an aluminum-clad Windsor product. It doesn’t have the fit and finish Marvin does and it has traditional hardware and exposed tilt lashes. Marvin’s double hung extruded aluminum windows have self-contained tilt latches.” Mike added that the exterior finish on Marvin windows won’t fade, crack or split for decades.
While Patrick said many customers who come to Crooked River Building Supply are “very self-educated and have done a lot of research,” the showroom is open during Covid for anyone seeking a face-to-face interaction and the ability to see the product up close and ask questions. For instance, windows with black frames instead of white, are becoming very popular and customers might want to see these and options in person. “It’s very wide open,” Patrick said of the space in the showroom. “It’s very easy to have multiple buying groups in the age of Covid and still be safe. We have different areas where people can social distance.” Patrick went on to explain that with the exception of buying a window off the shelf in a big-box store, “The entire window industry is made-to-order.”
Mike said the Progressive Building Supply showroom is open by appointment. “Our showroom is built out of an old farmhouse with additions,” he said. “So, you get a unique perspective. We are very customer-centric. When they are done with us, we want them to feel like they got more than they paid for. “
Windows that block harmful rays
Patrick McEntee, senior project manager with Crooked River Building Supply in Warrensville Heights said high-performance glass with a coating can help reduce – but not eliminate – fading from UV of things like carpet upholstery and artwork. Mike Zembower, sales manager with Progressive Building Supply in Chagrin Falls agreed and added, “There are single coatings plus double and triple coatings. These allow the warming rays to come in, but not the damaging rays.” According to (the website of Sun Ray Window Films in Willoughby), this company is a certified installer of clean, clear, invisible 3M window films that provide energy savings, safety, security, privacy and protection for furnishings, carpet and artwork from damaging UV Rays.