Colorful variations on leopard print tops will be big this fall. Get this one at Kilgore Trout. Photographs courtesy of Kilgore Trout



Chances are you’ve been spending a lot of time on Zoom calls and not much time going to your favorite places while wearing your favorite things. Despite that – or maybe because of that – you’ll want to check out some great new fall fashions to freshen up your wardrobe for yourself, for Zoom, for small backyard gatherings or for when things start to return to normal. Here are 10 fashion must-haves for fall 2020.
“Every way we look at fall is kind of colored by what’s happening with Covid and how it impacts our customers and the world,” said Sherri Knuth Bryan, who owns Knuth’s in Pepper Pike, with her husband, John. “We expect it to continue to be a very casual-fashion fall.” Sherri said lounge sets and activewear sets were popular even before Covid. “Now it’s becoming really huge,” she said as she explained that the most popular fashions are comfy and cozy but also hip and fashionable.
1) Lounge sets.
2) Activewear sets.
Andrea Pierce-Naymon, women’s wear buyer/owner at Kilgore Trout in Eton Chagrin Blvd. agrees. “Since many customers are still working from home, we are gearing up for more casual clothing yet acceptable for Zoom business meetings,” she said. “Cashmere is always a staple for fall as the weather turns to sweater weather.”

Stay fashionable and cozy this fall with these cute boots from Sorel, at Knuth’s.

3) Cashmere sweaters.
Andrea is also seeing a lot of printed tops with lots of brown and green. “Prints will be bold and lots of variation on the famous leopard print,” she said.

When you just need a mask, a phone and keys to take on a walk, this cross-body bag from Knuth’s will do the job while looking great.

4) Printed tops in shades of brown and green.
5) Printed tops with variations on a leopard print.
In addition to selling about 10,000 masks (from one of Knuth’s U.S.-based clothing manufacturers), Knuth’s is seeing a rise in the popularity of tie dye. “We feel it will continue through fall,” said Sherri who explained that her store has tie-dye clothing and accessories. Also, since many people are spending as much time as possible outdoors, Sherri said, “cozy boots and waterproof shoes and cool looking hats and scarves and outwear will be even more important.”
6) Tie-dye clothing and accessories.
7) Cozy boots.
Kilgore Trout’s new jackets include some from Europe. “We are excited to bring back our knitted jackets by Circolo from Germany” Andrea said. And, color is everywhere in fall clothing. “Our US designers like L’agence, Veronica Beard, Rag and Bone and Vince are showing lots of colors,” she said.
8) Knitted jacket.
As for bags, Sherri said totes, backpacks and cellphone bags are all popular now. “They work for your life, whether you’re throwing stuff in your car or you’re toting it in a backpack or going on a walk and you just want to fit a mask and phone and keys in a small bag.”
9) Small bag for taking the essentials on a walk.
Andrea said Kilgore’s new handbag from the L.A.-based Meyers Collective is very chic “It has an element of jewelry to it,” she said.
10) Chic handbag.
As for dressy clothes, Sherri said Knuth’s is definitely not ignoring it but she doesn’t “expect dressy to be important for a while.”