In the culinary training auditorium, Trevarrow, Inc. offers demonstrations, presentations, classes and other events, including some for professionals to earn continuing education credits. Somrak Kitchens designed this space.


On one hand, Trevarrow, Inc. is an appliance store. On the other hand, it’s unlike every other appliance store. Officially, it’s a distributor’s showroom but for those who visit, it’s more of a, “Holy Cow, what is this place?!” The luxury showroom features 11 stunning kitchens decked out with high-end designer touches so that each is a show-stopper in itself. Did I mention there are 11? (Three of the 11 kitchens are “live,” meaning the appliances there are connected, plugged in and functioning.) Everything from the lighting to the flooring to the artwork on the walls and the table settings contributes to the feeling that you are visiting friends who are about to serve a memorable meal in a sumptuous space. And, actually, that’s not too far from the truth.

At Trevarrow (on Corporate Drive, in Cleveland), you can’t actually purchase appliances but you can learn about appliances, use and test-drive appliances, get inspiration and information about everything for a kitchen including flooring, countertops, and of course, appliances and you can even eat some of what’s prepared in these kitchens. “Trevarrow does help people create every aspect of their kitchen but not by selling things from the showroom; by advising, demonstrating and referring and advising,” said Gayle Piascik, manager at the showroom that is officially known as the Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showroom By Trevarrow, Inc.

“We are the distributor for Sub-Zero refrigerators, and Wolf cooking,” said Ms. Piascik who explained that Trevarrow also features Cove products, Best hoods, Asko diswashers and laundry appliances, Scotsman icemakers and ovens from Forno de Pizza.

“There are several ways people come to us,” said Ms. Piacik. “They find our website, or learn about us from a dealer, builder, architect or designer.”
She continued, “People come to get inspiration. Each person who comes in, we show them around and talk about the different products. We let them turn on the burners, etc. Or, if they are remodeling, they may come with their designer. It can be overwhelming, so we try to make it as easy as possible. We give as much info as possible as simply as possible.”
Ms. Piacik suggests making an appointment before coming to browse at Trevarrow. “We do have events and trainings in the showroom so parts of the showroom might be closed off,” she explained.

“Usually once a month we have product demos,” she added and explained that using a new product, such as a convection steam oven, is a little complicated so participating in a demo with real food, a real chef and a Q&A session might be just what a consumer needs. “It’s a really good way to get a hands-on feel for the product and go over features, functions, and so forth,” said Ms. Piascik.

Trevarrow offers other demonstrations, presentations, classes and events, including some for professionals to earn continuing education credits. Call the showroom at 800.362.2807 or visit the events tab at for more information. “Also, you can be on an email list to receive invitations for demos,” said Ms. Piascik. Reservations are required.
Ms. Piascik explained that each of the kitchens at Trevarrow was designed by a local dealer. “Since our dealers are unable to display all of our product lines (due to limited space, etc.), we are essentially an extension of their showrooms,” she said. “We work extensively with our dealers throughout a client’s remodel/build/or replacement process. We try to hook customers up with someone (a retailer/dealer) they are familiar with or have worked with in the past. That way, we can let them know Mr. and Mrs. Smith (for instance) are coming and they can have things ready. This is part of our concierge level of service,” said Ms. Piascik.

Trevarrow also keeps an eye on customers’ budgets by showing them approximate retail prices and helping them narrow their choices.
Each kitchen in the Trevarrow showroom has a name. They include Urban Italia, Urban Chic, French Chateau, Modern Farmhouse, Touch of Provence, Soft Contemporary, Rooftop Kitchen, Wine Shaft, and Media Room. The wine shaft features customizable wine storage, humidors and more. Of the Media Room, Ms. Piascik said, “In there, we have an under-counter refrigerator, a microwave, etc. It’s like a mancave.” In addition, there is a conference room and a culinary training auditorium with screens, cameras and more.
Asked about changes and updates to the showroom, Ms. Piascik said, “We are kind of continuously remodeling and always updating.” She laughed when she explained that, whenever manufacturers introduce something new, “We have to accommodate that somewhere.”

This modern farmhouse kitchen is one of 11 kitchens in the Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showroom By Trevarrow, Inc. in Cleveland. This kitchen was designed by Studio 76 Kitchens & Baths.