Handsome spring shirts from Stenströms, available at RILEY’S CLOTHIERS, 100 N. Main., Hudson, 330.656.3343.


With the long winter season finally over, men’s fashion will have a decidedly brighter look for the spring of 2019. The emphasis will be on more stylish casual wear along with new fabrics better suited to more active, outdoor lifestyles.

“The tech in fabrics that allows for more stretch and comfort is leading the push to more tailored clothing in casual wear, whether that’s tailored trousers, a soft constructed jacket or a knit shirt that, while looking like a tailored shirt, performs like the knit that it is,” said Aaron Jacobs of Kilgore Trout at Eton Chagrin Boulevard.

Spring is a time for showing your true style and the new looks for men feature a wide array of both traditional and cutting-edge colors. “Colors of the season continue to be a mix of Mediterranean blues, a deep and rich green referred to as Sacramento green with shades of aubergine, Bordeaux and lavender,” said Jacobs.

Another trend for spring and summer menswear is linen mix fabrics. “Linen mix suits from Canali have breathability and a touch of linen with the performance of wool,” said Jacobs. “And a washed linen shirt will lay like a linen but keep its shape like cotton.”

Short-sleeved shirts may call to mind styles from decades past but they are making a comeback this spring. “There is a surge of short-sleeved button-up shirts in button-down collar to throw with shorts and sneakers as well as camp collars that look just as at home under a sport jacket as they do with a clean pair of jeans,” said Jacobs.

Jeff Riley of Riley’s of Hudson also sees a trend to more tailored looks even as menswear becomes more casual for the spring and summer months. “Slightly shorter jackets and trimmer fitting slacks can be seen in our selections from Pal Zileri, Samuelsohn, Coppley and Sartore,” said Riley. “The Sartore slacks add pocket trim to their light wool Italian fabrics.”

With fewer ties being worn by men, shirts have become more of a fashion focus. “Stenstroms shirts are able to make a statement by themselves,” said Riley. “Every shirt has extra detail in fabric, colored buttons and trim.”

Jeff adds, “Not only must the color, print or style of the shirt unify the ensemble, it must be able to stand on its own without the cover of a sport coat. A clean fit is a must: a gentleman should be without billowing excess underneath the arms, but should still be able to move about freely without having to re-tuck his shirt and without button gapings.

Details like trims on collars and cuffs, high-quality fashion buttons and colored stitching and threads allow these shirts to be dressed up or down, depending on a gentleman’s clothing needs.”

“For sophisticated dress and casual clothing, Gran Sasso has silk polos in many shades and a blazer in high performance wool with a more contemporary look and feel,” added Riley.

For more information, visit kilgoretrout.com or call Riley’s of Hudson at 330.656.3343.

Made to measure from our Atelier Munro Desk, KILGORE TROUT, Eton Chagrin Boulevard, Woodmere, kilgoretrout.com.