Bold tile patterns, as seen in this bathroom by Hurst Design Build Remodel, make a statement while keeping a spa-like overall feel to the space. Photograph courtesy of Hurst Design Build Remodel.

Tile creates a mosaic effect on this beautiful shower wall by Kitchen and Bath, Etc. Photograph courtesy of Kitchen and Bath, Etc.

Having overnight guests, even during a pandemic, means sharing your home and hospitality. Make sure your guests feel truly welcome with an upgrade to your guest bathroom that will show you care.
When choosing a color scheme for your guest bath, Martha West, director of marketing at Hurst Design Build Remodel in Westlake said, “gray no longer reigns supreme. We are seeing a bold color palette, especially in cabinetry. We are also seeing more clients select interesting tile with bold patterns.” Some clients, Martha explained, are still going for a “Zen spa-like feel” when they choose colors and fixtures but others, she explained, “are choosing high-contrast colors to make a statement.” As for countertops, she said quartz is more popular than marble because, “People are drawn to its durability.”
Emeil Soryal, designer and owner of Kitchen and Bath, Etc. in Bainbridge also sees clients adding more color in their bathrooms. A popular color combination, he said, is white, black, and navy blue. “Black or navy-blue vanities with satin gold faucets and hardware, or a white vanity with black faucets and hardware” are other ways to keep the look classic while adding some bold detail, Emeil explained. He also said some are using classic white subway tile but using dark grout to change it up. “We are also seeing a lot of green this year, and vanities with organic finishes,” he added, referring to natural and white-washed wood. For flooring, Emeil said, “The current trend is tile that looks like wood or a patterned tiled floor.”
If you’re looking to upgrade one element of your guest bath, Martha suggests lighting because it makes the biggest impact. If the rest of your bathroom is dark or poorly lit, she explained, a brand-new vanity or shower won’t even be noticed.
Emeil agrees that changing the light fixtures is a quick, inexpensive way to change the look. “You should consider painting the walls and changing the mirrors,” he added. “If you want to do more, replace your vanity, hardware and countertop. Replacing your bathtub with a large walk-in shower is most desired,” he added.
Don’t overlook technology in your guest bath. “Heated floors are the most requested tech feature in bathrooms,” Martha said, “and multi-function shower faucets are becoming standard.” Also, consider a towel warmer but, Martha pointed out that these might not be necessary if there already a heated floor.
Your guests will truly feel pampered with a high-tech toilet seat. Emeil mentioned, “You can get one with a nightlight, heated seats, and bidet seat with remote control.”
For those wanting to lavish even more technology on their guests, Emeil said, ‘You can get a Bluetooth speaker in the shower head. You can get a hand shower nested into a showerhead (two-in-one), and you can get a digital thermostatic valve.” Emeil explained that the latter allows guests to choose the exact temperature of their shower so they never have to step into a cold shower. With all of these special touches, your guests may never want to leave.