Jessica and Dave Jacobson (center) with Melissa (left) and Anthony Trzaska

LaWanda Smith, Janice Agliam and Nicole Focareto

Shoes and Clothes for Kids’ first “Topgolf Par-Tee” on Sunday, February 18 had 100 guests swinging the afternoon away to raise funds for brand-new shoes, clothes and school supplies for local needy children and their classrooms in order to bolster K-8 school attendance.
Founded in 1969, Shoes and Clothes for Kids (SC4K) aims to level the playing field by supplying students in need with essentials so they can focus on learning.
A local businessman on his commutes saw kids walking to school with no shoes. There was a set of three brothers, and he noticed he never saw them together because they shared a pair of shoes to go to school. Shocked that something so simple could keep a child from receiving a quality education, he gathered friends and began distributing shoes from the trunk of his car, and Shoes for Kids was born.
The organization became Shoes and Clothes for Kids in 1998. Today, SC4K distributes $3.1 million worth of clothing a year through its

Executive Director Monica Lloyd with Alex and Raleigh Schauer

“It’s more than just having a new outfit,” said Associate Board member Rachel Way. “It gives them confidence. It gives them the ability to walk in the school with their head held high, knowing that they’re prepared for the day.”
Way, an art teacher at Warrensville Heights High School, said her students thrive thanks to supplies and even hygiene items donated by SC4K. She hands out items like toothbrushes, toothpaste and baby wipes on a daily basis.
“All those items are things that every teacher needs in a district like mine,” she said. “This gives us the opportunity to not have to pay for those items out of our own pocket.”
“Donors allow SC4K to make a child’s life and a teacher’s day better because their students are happy, well-clothed, and well-supplied,” Senior Development Manager Culeen Carey said.
A $10,000 cash prize for the first hole-in-one enticed golfers. They also enjoyed a raffle offering gifts like a mountain bike and Browns tickets. The venue provided cocktails and classic comfort foods such as wings, corn dogs and mac and cheese bites. The nonprofit plans to repeat the “friendraiser” in the future. STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANASTASIA NICHOLAS