Four dining areas plus a bistro offer made-from-scratch, restaurant-quality nutritious meals every day.



Anthology of Mayfield Heights on Landerhaven Road has been under construction for months with residents moving in at the end of September, if all goes as planned. The senior living community is the second of three Anthology-owned properties in Ohio, the other two located in the Cincinnati area. Additional Anthology communities dot the landscape from Texas to Connecticut.
Executive Director of the Mayfield Heights location, Kim Wosotowsky, has been in the senior living field for years. She was a nurse for more than 30 years, and also has experience as an administrator at several local senior facilities. “Anthology has a whole new approach that isn’t just words,” she says. “We believe in a holistic approach – in caring for the mind, body and soul to live the best life possible. This is different than anything on the market. I’ve toured some of the other communities. I have never experienced what Anthology is doing. It’s different than the average senior community, and people are responding positively.”
The community is licensed to house 213 residents who get to choose from a spacious, contemporary studio living space, or one- or two-bedroom apartments. The community has 90 independent living apartments, 10 independent living cottages, 60 assisted living apartments and 32 units in the memory care area. “We have been pre-leasing for six to eight weeks, and we are 30 percent pre-leased, Wosotowsky says. “That’s about three apartments every week, mostly from people just dropping in and getting a tour. Our goal is to be 50 percent pre-leased by the time we’re open,” she adds.
Today’s senior living communities are a very far cry from the outdated concept of ‘nursing homes,’ mostly because today’s seniors, usually defined as those 60 and older, are as active and engaged as ever. Many continue to work full or part time, while pursuing favorite pastimes and hobbies, as well as discovering new interests. For these seniors, the aspects most desirable in the place they call home are convenience, amenities, activities and flexibility.
Consistently, Wosotowsky and her staff are seeing potential residents coming to Anthology who have educated themselves on their options, and know exactly what they want. “Whether they’re 60 or 100, these folks are very vocal about their community; we spend a great deal of time talking about it. They don’t want breakfast exactly at 8 a.m. every day. They don’t want assigned seating for meals. They want to go to Severance Hall. They’re downsizing from maybe a 4,300-square-foot house to a 1,400- square-foot apartment and that’s a big difference. They feel like they are giving up some things that are very dear to them, but they are not going to give up the things that give them joy – and why should they? It takes time for people to realize this, but once they do, they’re ready to move.”
Anthology offers amenities and activities in abundance: recreation spaces and plenty to do there, such as water aerobics in the pool, and exercise and wellness classes in the fitness facilities. “Residents will have a lot to say about the type and frequency of the classes and programming we’ll offer” Wosotowsky says. A salon and spa provides for all hairstyling needs for men and women, plus manicures, pedicures, facials and more. The organization’s drivers provide transportation as needed, whether it’s to visit a doctor or a group attending a play or concert (current conditions notwithstanding). Public spaces such as a theater and community room, plus flexible rooms for private dining or meetings are available to all residents. Common areas including an outdoor deck and crafting rooms are welcoming and inviting, and plans are in the works for some knockout landscaping as well.
Additionally, Anthology is providing a wide range of in-house services. They are partnering with doctors from the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals as well as non-hospital-affiliated doctors to meet with residents in private exam rooms within the main building. Additional health care professionals will be on site regularly, including a podiatrist, audiologist, psychologist and ophthalmologist, all in addition to the licensed nurse on site 24/7.
Residents in Independent Living apartments will enjoy leaving details to a team of professionals who will handle maintenance, cleaning and linen service. Assisted living residents will have help with the activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, grooming and dining, along with coordination of care, and specialized wellness services. Everyone will enjoy a lively, engaging environment filled with classes, activities and programming every day.
There are four dining rooms on site, plus a bistro/coffee shop. “Dining is the most important aspect of a senior’s day,” Wosotowsky states. “It’s super important in terms of menu, taste, the socialization aspect, and the freedoms within the dining room. Almost every prospect we have wants to see the menu and they ask if we’ve tasted the food.” In fact Anthology has hired a professional catering company to create all the meals on site from scratch. “We don’t use pre-made lasagna, for example,” she adds, “we make the lasagna, and make it right with proper herbs and less salt.”
Anthology offers senior living at its most ideal: a dynamic environment, personal care, a service-oriented staff, plus homemade meals and welcoming environment. “There are two other new independent living communities within a 12-mile radius,” Wosotowsky says. “We are priced right in-between them. We try to walk a middle line and our pricing is specific to this area of Ohio.” Leases are month to month as desired, with automatic rollover for the convenience of residents and their families.
“It’s been so much fun watching the building process, and working with the seniors on what they want in their home,” she adds. “It’s a huge decision to make and it’s been an honor to be doing this for the past few months. I’m excited to share this community with as many people as possible.”