Knowledgeable connoisseurs are well aware that Saturday evenings are a chef’s busiest, most demanding night. Yet for Fieldstone Farm’s Chef’s Unbridled, 14 chefs traded in the hectic but controlled madness of their own kitchens for a stellar turn at this very special annual event for the therapeutic riding center. In Brigadoon-like fashion, an open field transforms into foodie heaven under a lofty tent. Where does a gourmet guest begin?

There was the wine pull, the bourbon tasting, and a huge assortment of cheese, crackers and dried fruits to go along with the cocktail hour. Patrons and chefs alike were ‘chomping at the bit’ to get going, so many food stations opened early and no one was disappointed. The chefs presented a thoughtful, excellently executed small plate, from risotto to short rib, chowder to chorizo. Each dish was a little gem that would be the star starter and in demand on any sophisticated menu.

600 well-satisfied guests roamed the tent for two hours, then settled in to hear more about the organization’s work with a short video featuring Kyli, a young girl who suffered neglect and abuse, but with her foster family’s help found physical and emotional strength through her riding lessons. A live auction followed.

Overall $250,000 was raised for the 1,300 clients Fieldstone Farms serves. These clients ride or work with horses (many donated) to overcome everything from PTSD to Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, even bereavement. Horses reach people in extraordinary ways, and Fieldstone Farms is the organization that makes that happen. STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY RITA KUEBER

Jill Akins, Ken Marous, Kathy Marous and Kathy Rudmann

Marti and Jeff Davis

Rob and Kris Rogers with Meredith Berthelot

Irving and Natalie Treibatch with Beth-Ann and Mark Coffin

Scott Hoffmann, Ben Stocum, Jen Rome and Jen Picciano

Rob and Molly Schlanser with Brian Foster