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It may be difficult to keep up with women’s fashion trends that are constantly in flux with each new season, especially with a closet staple such as jeans and denim. That’s where it helps to touch base with someone whose entire job is to stay on top of the fleeting trends. We spoke with Chrissy Stone, the Women’s Assistant Buyer at Kilgore Trout at Eton Chagrin Boulevard, about what jeans you’ll want to be wearing this season.

Stone says that for denim, last year’s big trend was skinny jeans, and for women who aren’t looking to redo their entire wardrobes, it’ll be a pleasant surprise to hear that those skinny jeans are still on trend for this season. They’re a great staple, especially worn with longer tops, Stone says.

In addition, straight-leg jeans are a good essential to have, and this season, the predominant trend is toward the higher rise with a wider leg. Usually these are worn over the top of a boot. In general, a higher rise is fitting for many different body types, and has broad appeal for women of all ages.

When it comes to material, nowadays, many jeans are offered in different fabrications that are designed to feel more comfortable, and some have plenty of stretch that still give the look of old-school denim.

In terms of height, Stone reminds women that you don’t want the length of a jean to cut you off and make you shorter.
Stone says her goal is to have every woman walking out of Kilgore Trout to have found an outfit that is flattering for her unique figure.
Petite/curvy body types:

For women who are petite/curvy, Stone suggests staying away from cropped wide-leg jeans since they can make you appear shorter. Petite, curvy women might be better suited in a narrower leg pant.

Tall/slender/athletic body types:
Women with a taller, slender, or athletic build can get away with high rise jeans with either a straight or wide leg.

Average body types:
For women with an average build, Stone suggests using discretion and consider your comfort level in trying some newer trends. For example, extreme wide leg is something brand new to a lot of people. In addition, cropped flare was around last year but is making another comeback this year, making it a hit with any body type.

Tall/curvy body types:
For those who are taller and curvy, you have the height to get away with a wider range of pant styles.

On trend right now are skinny, straight, flare, and wide-leg jean cuts. The main thing to avoid this season, Stone suggests, is bootcut jeans (bootcut is in-between straight and flare.

When deciding whether to wear flats or heels with a certain pair of jeans, it ultimately comes down to body type, Stone says. And with cropped jeans (above ankle length), you can get away with almost anything. With heels, just about anything works. But if wearing flats, avoid flare or wide-leg jeans.

Lycra and elastic in jeans is designed to wear with you during the day, providing even more comfort. The downside to this is that some women like the true denim feel and won’t get it with these other materials.

Novelty denim
Novelty denim, such as jeans with raw hems (frayed) are also trending and are not going anywhere. Distressed denim looks are also very popular, Stone says.

Denim Jackets
Denim jackets are a wardrobe essential because they are seasonless, Stone reminds readers. What’s key is that they have a good stretch so you can layer under it.
Wear what makes you feel comfortable
There are countless options and combinations when it comes to the latest denim and jean offerings, but the most important thing is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. For Stone, the goal at Kilgore Trout is to help women do that by having them find an outfit they feel amazing in when they walk out the door, and nothing less.